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Bleam - Downtown Orange - DW - BAR Press

    In any industry, versatility is an incredibly valued quality in an artist. BLEAM taps into his resourceful bag of tricks every time he works on a track. Persian-American producer & DJ, Ryan Esaghi’s stage name “BLEAM” stems from STEM as the word’s definition is simply “to transmit or send data”. He’s originally from Orange County, Ca but currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca which is perfect for his interest in both music and technology as California is a pillar for both industries. Esaghi takes inspiration from hip-hop, rap, and EDM to create his high BPM, cross-cultural records.

    Sonically, BLEAM is multifaceted as he was classically trained in the piano as a child. He soon took a modernized route when he began learning how to integrate his classical talents into the digital realm. It is apparent that hip-hop has a distinct inspirational note in his work as his first release was a remix for Post Malone’s hit I Fall Apart which amassed over 90k streams. Esaghi followed his successful, viral creation by dropping a variety of unique and melodic remixes. Remixes of songs such as the late, legendary DJ, Avicii’s Lonely Together; Norwegian DJ, Kygo and American singer, Selena Gomez’ It Ain’t Me; and American rapper, J. Griffie, DJ’s Ale Mora & Brian Van Andel’s collaborative record Runaway are all a representation of BLEAM’s adaptable style.

    BLEAM’s first opportunity to display his talents in front of a real crowd was at Summerlands Music Festival. After a successful set, Esaghi had now made a name for himself and ended up on more radars than he could count. Club appearances and show openings followed suit as he now brandishes a catalog of opening and support sets for world-renowned artists including DVBBS, JOYRYDE, Firebeatz, Feed Me, etc. 

    Ryan Esaghi has since transitioned from remixing other artists’ tracks to formulating his own releases. Antigua, BLEAM’s second official single, was met with worldwide success, earning over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, and was added to the streaming platform’s official “Friday Cratediggers'' global dance playlist. His newest release Freak Show possesses BLEAM’s signature high-energy rhythm, unique melody, and piercing drums. Stream Antigua and Freak Show on most streaming platforms now!

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