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"Anguish 2"

Cityboy - IMG_5681.jpg

    CityBoy is a prospective rapper from Washington DC who utilizes heavy autotune and trap flows to illustrate his grind. With inspirations from Lil B, Cyrax, and Black Kray, CityBoy began his rap journey in 2014. “When Doves Kry: Reloaded” is his debut album with fan-favorite tracks such as “Yellow (The One)” and “One of a Kind”. He followed his debut album with smaller mixes like “Anguish” and “CityWorld!”. 

    His latest release  “Anguish 2” was just recently dropped with heavy excitement. CityBoy picks up where he left off as the project possesses CityBoy’s classic style of catchy choruses and vibrant autotuned bars. “Anguish 2” is out now on all platforms!

Cityboy - Anguish 2.jpg
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