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"Beast" feat. Tsu Surf

"BLM" & "Luxury"

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    Dougie F is for the people. If that wasn’t clear from his ability to incorporate his artistry and reverence for the recent uprisings in his Instagram presence, he spits it in your face with new singles BLM and Luxury. Accompanied by WHOTHEWIZZ directed visuals, they showcase the New Jersey natives’ immaculate sonic selection and uncanny ability to ride a beat. These tracks are a generous sneak peek of the Billboard top 40 and multi-million streaming artists highly anticipated two-part album- Without a Smile. Its upcoming arrival will be the 4th album on his STRAGG Records Imprint. True to style, the bars are hot and complimented with a healthy side of originality. Dougie F. pairs social commentary with beats that stick.

    The tracks display elements a distinctly 2020 reality. With soulful vocals and smooth beat change, Luxury highlights one of the more remarkable trends of the recent uprising: looting., Dougie presents a romantic interest with a Chanel bag copped off the strength of social unrest. A romantic sort of Robin Hood he reminds his sweetheart that in the midst of the chaos, he was thinking about her. The charisma and velvety verses make Luxury something like a groove-filled love note. Dougie F. decks out his lady at the expense of capitalism. BLM follows as an introspective open letter to the world. The beat is meditative, even complimentary to the notes of pain and strength in Dougie’s voice as he unloads the content of his heart; honoring the lives lost to racial inequity, inviting his people to come together in the face of brutality. BLM has an undeniable spirit of pride and resilience. Dougie F. reminds us that Black is beautiful, and that power belongs in the hands of the people as he fades into chants of the omnipresent phrase: Black. Lives. Matter. And if the truth he spits on those tracks weren’t already adding gasoline to the energetic flames of 2020, his upcoming single Beast is a sonic molotov cocktail. Dougie’s ability to mold a song into an anthem is well paired with the swift, jet-like flow of powerhouse battle rapper Tsu Surf’s verse. Beast pays homage to the grit and savagery of the movers and shakers, artfully done over Drake- signed producer Mike Garden’s handiwork. They make a trifecta with the power to make classics. Beast’s August 28th release on your streaming platform of choice is not one to miss. These tracks belong on protest playlists everywhere.

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