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Garry Caprani

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"Waiting for Things to Go Right!"

Garry Caprani - DW - 1 - 20201026.jpg

    Not many artists can boast a sold-out headliner and scouted by Sony at 18 years old. Garry Caprani, born in London and raised in Spain, is a young up and coming singer. At a young age, Michael Jackson became a pivotal inspiration to his artistic journey, and as Garry expanded his music palette, The Weeknd and Drake soon aided in molding his music as well. Garry pays homage to his hometown in London through his music much like Ed Sheeran. 

    As the experiences pile up and the artistic praise grows louder, it was these experiences that pushed Garry Caprani to pursue music. It is with great anticipation that Garry Caprani is finishing his debut EP “Waiting for Things to Go Right”!

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