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Mook TBG

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"Death Chamber 2"

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    South Carolina rapper, Mook TBG’s journey has been an up and down roller coaster of success and unfortunate events. Mook boasts a melodic yet autotuned voice fit for any beat which translates incredibly well to his catchy tracks. 

    In 2016, Mook had his first taste of success with “Red Roses” alongside his many mixtapes. In 2017, “To The Dome” which features his well-known record, “Finesse Life”. Unfortunately, by 2018 Mook had experienced difficulties with a sudden alteration to his voice which would create a physical and mental setback to his creative process. He regained composure and confidence in 2019 and finished his project “I Can Teach You” and by 2020, he has 2 projects released and a track with Lil Mosey. 

    Mook TBG is driven by success and setbacks but most importantly, he uses his pain from the death of his close friend Speaker Knockerz to fuel his drive. He pays tribute to Speaker Knockerz through tribute tracks, his career, and working with producer, Lil Knock (Speaker Knockerz’s younger brother). It seems Mook TBG has found his “why”, his sound, and a close-knit team to aid in his journey to success, it is only a matter of time but only time will tell.

Stream “Death Chamber 2”, Mook’s latest project out now on all platforms!

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