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Nathy Peluso

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"Sana Sana"

Nathy Peluso - 202009.png

    It’s close to impossible to deny the charisma of Argentine songstress Nathy Peluso. Of course, she seems to be well aware of this fact, the 25-year-old drips a confidence quite rare to come by, endlessly delightful to experience. It is on glorious display in her new single, Sana Sana, a song that creeps toward anthem status with each listen. The track is bold and unshuttering- Peluso refuses to release you thinking she’s the one to play with. She jumps right in delivering femme fatale bars, just as much a nod to her diverse influences as her vast toolbox of musical chops. The track is fierce, entrancing, and full of pride, it’s the perfect monument to Hispanic Heritage Month.  It’s celebration of womanly strength, a refusal to bow for authorities- a theme also expressed in her single Business Woman, a track with over 8 million streams.

    Sana Sana is one of three incredible tracks previewing Peluso’s Fall 2020 debut album release, one that has already generated much anticipation. A sonic jewel of Buenos Aires, Nathy Peluso makes the kind of music that puts the next generation at attention. Peluso is surfing a new wave in the industry- one that refuses to take the female delegated backseat of the past- one that takes pride in a celebration of self. 

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