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Dominic Wong

FEB. 23, 2021

Storyteller; not a rapper.

Hammo is an Australian artist who refers to himself as a storyteller rather than a rapper. He uses his past traumas and life’s difficult moments to fuel and inspire his artwork in lyrically depicting his story and experiences. He consistently refers to his dedication and will to strive for more in an effort to combat anxiety, depression, and hardships; all of which are referenced in his music.

After losing his grandmother, a mother figure in his life, he dropped “Can’t Quit Now” featuring up-and-coming artist “Lady P” as an outlet for his grief and emotions from the event; it is his most viewed song on youtube.

Hammo’s next drop date is February 25th and the track is unnamed as of now but will be under his record label “Undefeated Records”. Be sure to be on the lookout for future releases from Hammo!


IG: @Hammo_official

Reporter's IG: @ColorsbyDom & Twitter: @ColoursbyDom

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