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Dominic Wong

March 25, 2021

“Keep working, you might catch one!”

“Keep working, you might catch one!” Fat Joe exclaims “You got the look!”. Rahtwofive had just acquired the opportunity to show off his talents on IG live with American rapper, Fat Joe, when he gained verbal approval from Fat Joe.
Rah’s name originates from the first three letters of his full name, Rahul.
His nickname in high school was Rah which quickly turned into his artistic persona. The “TwoFive” is a part of his birth date, and also has a deep, metaphysical meaning for the artist. RaH states of the name, “I think it’s cool, because it’s the name of the Sun God of Egyptian mythology, and I love the sun! My family and I traveled to Egypt around the same time I got the nickname, and it just stuck.”
As Rah finished his appearance on Fat Joe’s live, he was asked where his music could be found to which he responded “all streaming platforms!”. You can find all of Rahtwofive’s music on any app and be sure to stream his newest release “Sleepy Hours”!


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