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Yung Fate

Dominic Wong

March 24, 2021

Determination and hard work will transcend your own future.

Determination and hard work will transcend your own future. Yung Fate, named after his ambition to pave his own path, understands the concept of tunnel vision and his discography is a testament to that. He began simply enjoying making music by freestyling with his friends in middle school which quickly blossomed into his passion. His part-time work gave him the resources to equip his room with the proper technology to call it a home studio.
Yung Fate began working hard to expand his discography and soon caught the eye of Afroman who aided him in terms of production. With the help of Afroman, Yung Fate has amassed over half a million streams in 2020 and he is not planning on stopping.
His music consists of lyrically clever bars paired with a chill and relaxed flow and beat. The track “420” with DJLeach, Afroman, and Jake Strain is a melodic is an example of his potential and relaxed vibe which surrounds his ambition to reach success paired with the euphoria of his lifestyle as a rapper.
For 2021, Yung Fate has a plethora of moves planned but for the near future, he is planning on dropping his upcoming project “BREAKTHROUGH”. For now, you can stream his newest release “Hip-Notized” now on all streaming platforms!

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